<h3> <a href="http://appaudit.io"> <i class="fa fa-chevron-circle-left"></i> Back to appaudit.io </a> </h3> AppAudit values the trust of our users and places high responsibility on protecting user privacy. In this document, we aim to make clear how we handle personal information when users are using our products and services. ## Information that we collect * The files and URLs you upload for our scanning service * Device information: we may collect the information of the device that you use to upload files and URLs. This includes the unique identifier of the device, hardware model and operating system versions. * Cookies: if you use a browser for our scanning service, we would also collect and store how you use our service previously, in the form of the commonly known "cookies". The cookies we collect include but not limited the notification preferences you have chosen, language preference, and other standard HTTP request headers. * Log information: our server keeps record of scanned files, the last time when the file is scanned, the scan result, in case you want to view the report later on. In addition to the above-mentioned information, our products also incorporate other 3rd party services that could have data collection capabilities. This includes [Google Analytics](http://www.google.com/analytics) and [VirusTotal](https://www.virustotal.com/). Please refer to their privacy policy for their privacy practice. ## How we use the information All the information we collect aims to improve the experience of using our products and services. We use device information to better tailor our service for individual devices. We use cookies to provide personalized experience when you visit our website. We use log information to accelerate our services. Currently, we store and process data in multiple countries. There is a chance that your information might be processed in a country other than your country. In such cases, we would ensure your information is securely transmitted, processed and stored according to local laws. ## How we share information The files, URLs and other personal information about you will never be disclosed to other users of our service in any form. Our service is incorporated with the services provided by our partners, who might use part of your information to improve their own services. In such cases, we will ensure full anonymity and carefully manage your sensitive personal information. ## Enforcement We will apply proper technical methods to enforce our privacy policy. We also regularly check and resolve written complaints to improve our services. ## Changes and notifications Any changes made to our privacy policy will be announced on our website and notified to our users via Email if applicable. ## Contact us about our privacy policy If you have any concerns or thoughts about our privacy practice, please feel free to Email us at [privacy@appaudit.io](mailto:privacy@appaudit.io) to express your comments. ## Privacy Policy Effective Date: Apr. 27th 2015